How to Book Tee Times

Step 1 - Searching for Tee Times

Search for tee times by county, course, date, time of day or even price! From here you can also create an account or login to view your details and previous bookings.

Search for Tee Times

More Options: You can extend the search options to include the number of days to display, how many players you want to book, what time of day you want to see tee times for and select how much you want to pay.
Show Results: By default, tee times are displayed by date and then ordered by time. you can change this to show tee times by Course Name or by Price.


Step 2 - Select the time(s) you want to book

The tee times matching your search criteria are listed in a table. You can easily select a tee time by choosing the number of players you want and clicking the relevant Book button beside the time. You can select more than one tee time by choosing the number of players for the times you want and clicking the Multi-Book button.

Tee Times Search Results

Icons: Most tee times have one or more icons shown beside the Course name. Hover your mouse pointer over the icon to view more details about what they mean.
Request a Tee Time: If you can't find the tee time you want then simply fill in the form and we will contact the club on your behalf to see what they have available and contact you with details on how to book the time.


Step 3 - View tee times selected

After selecting a tee time you are shown the tee times that are being held for you. These times are temporarily held for 5 minutes to allow you time to finish the booking. If you decide not to complete the booking then the tee time will become available again. You can also select to add other times at other courses or on other days. Click the Checkout button to proceed.

View selected Tee Times


Step 4 - Checkout

You do not need to be a member or to login when completing your booking. If you can't remember your password you can select the Login link and then click on the 'Forgot Password' link or simply enter your details and proceed.

Login or enter your details

Create Account: If you select Create New Account we will mail you with details to login and edit your details and view your bookings. With an account you can easily login and save time whenever you are booking your golf.


Tick the box to indicate you agree to the relevant Golf Club's Cancellation Policy. To view their policy simply click the link for the course name. If you do not want to proceed you can click the Change link to remove the tee time and select a different tee time.

Agree to Club Policy


We do not require a deposit when booking a tee time on our site. If you are booking a Member Offer time that was sent via our weekly email then the amount is paid online in full at the time of booking. Please remember that you can cancel the Member Offer booking up to 24 hours before the time for a full refund (see more about our Risk Free Guarantee.

Hold the tee time

Card Types: We accept Visa, MasterCard or Laser. The card number is required to make a booking and the full amount is paid at the golf club for a tee time booked on the web site. If you book a Member Offer through our weekly email then the full amount is paid online at the time of booking (nothing is due at the club)..


Booking Completed

Once the booking has been processed, details of your booking will be displayed, including the Booking Number. A booking confirmation email is also sent to the email address you provided with full booking details including the cancellation policy. To change or cancel your booking, login to your account and request the relevant changes to the booking.

Booking Completed


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